The prizes can change at any time. The total amount of referrals is recorded from the time we look for the top referrers so they might not show the total amount of referrals that you currently have. We will deposit cash into your wallet to use for ad campaigns or we might create ad campaigns for you. 

This is how we'll pay: 1-10 referrals $0.25, 11-25 referrals $2.50, 26-50 referrals $5, 51-99 referrals $10, 100 referrals or more $15-$25. We can give more prizes if you get us advertisers for our adboard and short url ads so that we can afford this. Referral contest can be weekly or monthly or whenever we feel like having the contest.


  1. You must have an active account.
  2. You can't break tos.
  3. You must have christian friendly game and ptc related sites and links.
  4. We'll give bonus to top referrers who have logged in the last 7 days.
  5. We only pay for active referrals.