Q1: What is Gameptp?

Gameptp is a short url website that provides free service for you to shrink your links and earn money.


Q2: Is there an affiliate program?

Yes. We have two affiliate programs. On Gameptp, you'll earn 20% of your referral earnings for life when you upgrade your account. For a little while we will give upgraders $1 and free members $0.50 when their referral upgrades and all memberships will receive $5 when their referral buys an adboard ad. An email will be sent to you when you receive cash in your account. You will see the cash when you click on withdraw that is located on the left side menu. On our other site called Arcadecharm, you'll earn 50% for every sale made with your referral link obtained on that site.


Q3: Do you give refunds?

Due to the nature of our product there are no refunds but in some cases we might give refunds.


Q4: Are cash incentives allowed?

Yes. Gifts, cash, and points are allowed to offer to people to click your links, but you must also use non cash incentive methods. Therefore, it's recommended to do 50/50 advertising.


Q5: What kind of advertisements/short links are accepted?

Ptc, short url, manual traffic exchange, GPT, game related links and websites are accepted but no gambling websites. Websites should be mostly in English, christian friendly and can't contain viruses, malware, hate, illegal things, frame breaking script, more than one popup, a script that downloads software automatically and other stuff that is written in TOS. We have the right to not advertise sites and links that we think aren't appropriate for this site. Please send us an email if you plan to purchase an ad and you're not sure if it will be accepted.


Q6: Can I advertise on PTC (pay to click) sites?

Yes you can advertise on those sites and on similar sites. 


Q7: When do you pay your members?

We pay daily, but if we're busy it can take up to a month. Members pay the sending fee at their chosen payment processor like perfectmoney when we send them payment so there will be cash deducted from your account.


Q8: Why am I not earning money?

There can be a couple of reasons. One of them is that your publisher's earning is disabled for breaking the terms. The second reason can be that the visitor doesn't meet the requirements that is mentioned here. The third reason can be that there are no paid ads available so you're only getting default ads. The fourth reason is that they have an adblocker on. We only count one unique visit per person for each advertisement every 24 hours. You can shrink your short url links at sites like adfly to earn money.


Q9: Why are there two views and more cash each time someone visits my link?

There are two views counted instead of one and an increase in income per visit because of popup ads. So it's like getting two unique visits per visitor every 24 hours. A popup ad will appear when a user clicks anywhere on the page before the countdown, after the countdown and when they visit the link, but members can only be paid after countdown with interstitial and banner ads. Suppose that you have a short url link with an interstitial advertisement: A publisher will get $0.005 per visit after count down and $0.00025 per visit before or after a countdown with a popup ad. Added together, it will be $0.00525 per visit so it's $5.25 for 1000 views!.


Q10: How can I earn more money?

You can earn more money by getting referrals and upgrading your account. If you have 100 referrals, you'll earn $1 for each referral when they receive 1000 visits per day for an Interstitial ad plus $0.05 for each referral when they receive 1000 visits per day for their popup ad. Added together, it's $1.05. You'll earn a total of $1.05 x 100 referrals = $105 per day. Therefore, in 30 days you'll get $3150 but it will be more money when you and your referrals get more than 1000 visits per day. Note that these are just estimates. We can't promise that they'll be ads available to earn this amount.


Q11: Do you have a list of programs to advertise my links or to make money?

Yes we do. Below is a list. Registration is free on these sites:

  1. AFG - advertise arcade sites and monetize your websites.
  2. Adfly - short url site
  3. Shorte.st - short url site
  4. Donkeymails - GPT site
  5. Slicethepie - Earn money listening to music
  6. GTBurst - monetize your arcade sites
  7. SimplyPTP - Get paid to promote 
  8. Adworkmedia - monetize your traffic
  9. BeerMoneyForum - Make money from your forum posts!
  10. Gameptp - Free EGift Cards

Please check out the members banners here for more sites to advertise.


Q12: What is No Advert?

It means that you will not earn from this short link. Your visitors will go directly to your site instead of seeing the Ads and captcha page.


Q13: How to add cash to my Money Wallet to pay for my ad campaigns and to upgrade my account?

Send us a support email to add a minimum of $0.25 to your Money Wallet from your perfect money account or from your BeerMoneyForum account ($0.25 = 250 coins). Please only give cash or coins that equals to the total cost of your purchases and that you plan to use right away. We prefer that each member don't add more than $100 at a time and only add more cash when ads expired. We only accept a limited amount of requests for the BeerMoneyForum.